This is the home page of the Pelicans and Scorpions of the 161st Assault Helicopter Company, 406th Transportation Detachment, and the 449th Signal Detachment.  We served in Vietnam from 1965 until 1968.  The 161st AHC was deactivated in 1968 and reorganized into the 123rd Aviation Battalion of the AMERICAL Division.

The Pelicans/Scorpions has no political agenda; we simply provide a means to stay in touch with those who shared our experiences.

Our Vietnam Service Our Association Miscellaneous

Remember those who lost their life while serving with the Pelicans and Scorpions.

Unit History Book   
Read about the new book written by former members of the 161st AHC.

Unit History
Learn about the history of the Pelicans and Scorpions from their inception in 1965 until their reorganization in 1968.

Unit History -  Peers Inquiry
Learn about the testimony of aviation personnel regarding the My Lai Incident

Read the first person accounts of some of our unit members; as well as Stars&Stripes articles.

View images contributed by our unit members.

WOC Pictures
Various WOC class pictures. 

Association Origin
Read about how the association came into existence.

The association holds informal reunions almost every year in conjunction with the VHCMA reunion.  Read about past reunions, as well as get information about  future reunions.

Looking For
People who we are looking for that other unit members has asked about.

The 161st AHC Guidon is in possession of the association.

Adopted MIA
Remembrance of our adopted MIA, James Edward George, Jr.

See a list of men who have passed-on since the Vietnam War.

What's New
Learn about the latest changes to our website.

Guest Book
A new Guestbook service has been implemented.  Go take a peek and see what people are saying about this website.

See our list of favorite destinations on the Internet, related to us, or our service in Vietnam.